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Apr. 14th, 2008


Ongaku! Project Welcomes a New Junior Producer

And that would be Hanamoni's Odango!! ^o^ Yes!! Odango has been roped in to join the rest of the production team here at O!P and with her addition comes a whole new window of opportunity opening to O!P. Sounds cryptic? Well, it will not be in a bit for there will be more news on this coming soon.

But for now, please put your hands together and join us in congratulating Odango on her latest position here with O!P!

Odango-chan!! Omedetou!!

Apr. 13th, 2008

News and Updates

Hello! Ongaku thanks YOU!!

With the blessings of the good people at JPH!P, the epic celebratory episode of Hello! Ongaku came and went with neither hiccup nor glitch. Depending on the timezone that you are living in, the Hello! Ongaku 100th Episode Special was a 10-hour long roller-coaster ride of fun, laughter, giggles chockfull of nonsensical nonsense that lasted almost all through the day/night! Spanning a grand total of 100 songs over 6 different hosts to commemorate the occasion, Hello! Ongaku made JPH!P radio history by being the first show to go on 'live' for a full 10-hours! You can download a full recording of the entire 10-hour show right here by clicking on this link.

For the 3 years that Hello! Ongaku has been on-air, from our teething days on Radiofreemars till the time when we moved on to a more permanent home at JPH!P Radio, the show has seen an overwhelming amount of support from both the good people at JPH!P but also from the random listeners that have found Hello! Ongaku through the Shoutcast listings. The relationships that we have built as well as the feelings that we have experienced on-air of both joy and pain were all very real and shared very much with those who have been with us. We will always remember the inaugural Rika Birthday Special that we did for our very first episode and we will also never forget the memorial for marimari's passing which we also had the honour of hosting as a group.

Hello! Ongaku and the team at Ongaku! Project would like to thank all listeners for having supported us through the years Hello! Ongaku has been on air. We would never have made it so far without you. Thank you for having been there for us and sticking it through with us all this while by being our friend. The friendship and goodwill that you have shown to us are more treasured than you can ever imagine so thank YOU!!

Here's to many more years of good friendship ahead! Kanpai!!

Apr. 7th, 2008

News and Updates

The Hello! Ongaku 100th Episode 10-hour Super 'Live' Special

Yup! You read it right folks! One of the internet's friendliest radio shows is hitting a hundred this weekend and Ongaku! Project is celebrating this in a big huge mammoth way!!

Starting 2000hrs (GMT) on Saturday 11 April 2008, Hello! Ongaku will be coming to you 'live' on JPH!P radio for a full 10-hours of non-stop fun and revelry!! Join us as a guest on our show by calling in! Talk to us 'live' and in real time by joining #jph!p@spacetronix.net at any time during the show! You can even email us at ongakuproject@yahoo.com and we'll read your email out 'live' on air!

So no hesitations nor considerations! Just keep a note of the date (Saturday 11 April 2008) and the time (2000hrs GMT) and tune in!!

Mar. 9th, 2008


New domain @ ongakuproject.net

Yes, we've got ourselves a new home folks and 'ongakuproject.net' is the address.

So update your bookmarks and join us for more karaoke, fanmixing fun at our new abode! Kanpai!!

Feb. 10th, 2008

Ichigo Kaisei

Everyday, Everywhere c/w Gatamekira

Release Date : 2008.02.09
Singers : Daisuki Daiiyo, Nosomi, Yukari, Yaguchi, Ra-chan, Rayna Black, Miyoki
Producer : Yukari
Cover Design : Daisuki Daiiyo

Songs :
1. Everyday, Everywhere [LYRICS]
2. Gatamekira [LYRICS]

Download full single HERE.

Jan. 5th, 2008

Winter or Christmas Shuffles

Ongaku! Project Winter 2007 : Christmas 3

Release Date : 2008.01.04
Singers : Ongaku! Project
Producers : Rei-chan, Yukari and Suki
Cover Design : Suki

Songs :
1. O!P Christmas Medley 2007 [LYRICS]
2. Everlasting Snow [LYRICS]
3. Shiroi Hana [LYRICS]
4. Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru [LYRICS]
5. Ding Dong [LYRICS]
6. I Love Dream World [LYRICS]

Download full single HERE.

Nov. 25th, 2007

Megami Melody

Megami ~Mousse na Yasashisa~ c/w Sotsugyou

With the release of Megami Melody's 12th single, our dear 2nd Gen member Amisa is graduating from O!P.

Amisa, we're going to miss your energetic singing in our future singles. Come visit us when you have time so we can sing together again sometime! We wish you success in all your future endeavors! *HUGGLEZ*

So here it is, Megami Melody's 12th release, Amisa's graduation single :

Release Date : 2007.11.25
Singers : Rei-chan, Suki, Bleebluu, Shelly, Amisa, Reina, Yukiki, Maki Kanatsu and tamuma
Producer : Rei-chan
Cover Design : Suki

Songs :
1. Megami ~Mousse na Yasashisa~ [LYRICS]
2. Sotsugyou [LYRICS]
3. Tooi Kono Machi de (Amisa's solo graduation song) [LYRICS]
4. Special Messages from Megami Melody to Amisa

Download full single HERE.

Koisuru Angel Heart c/w Our Song

This long-awaited release is a very special one from Hanamoni as this is the release which marks Liss' final project with us a member of Hanamoni and Ongaku! Project.

Those of us who have been in JPM for a while will definitely remember Liss. Otherwise known as MelissaGee, Liss, together with Odango, Aisasami, Nono and myself were part of the inaugural group of members of Ongaku! Project. Having sung and worked with her for almost three years, there is definitely a genuine reluctance in our hearts to see her go since we won't be able to interact as often as we did with her. But to quote Aisasami, "this is not a goodbye but a congratulations and a good luck."

So without further ado, I present to you Hanamoni's 9th release :

Release Date : 2007.11.12
Singers : Odango, Liss, Aisasami, Nono, Chococat, Twissie, Eider and Hina
Producers : Suki
Cover Design : Odango

Songs :
1. Koisuru Angel Heart [LYRICS]
2. Oursong ~ Wakare no Uta [LYRICS]
3. Hyacinth [LYRICS]
4. Special Messages from Hanamoni to Liss

Download full single HERE.

Sep. 26th, 2007


First Kiss c/w Masayume

Release Date : 2007.08.25
Singers : Yukari, Nono and Twissie
Producer : Yukari
Cover Design : Suki

Songs :
1. First Kiss [LYRICS]
2. Masayume [LYRICS]
3. Masayume (Instrumental Version)

Sep. 19th, 2007

Summer Shuffles

Ongaku! Project Summer Shuffles 2007

Release Date : 2007.09.18
Singers : Ongaku! Project
Producers : Rei-chan, Yukari and Suki
Cover Design : Suki

Songs :
1. Happy 8 : Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam! [LYRICS]
2. Odoru 11 : Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo [LYRICS]
3. Sexy 12 : Shiawase desu ka? [LYRICS]

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